Jaką wartość ma dobra prezentacja w Twojej firmie? Odp.: Wartość transakcji, którą chcemy zamknąć Jaki jest koszt kiepskiej prezentacji? Odp : Ten sam   Jest czwartek i mamy wysłać prezentację do klienta. Deal jest ważny, bo klient to firma globalna, która pomoże nam wejść na inne rynki. Takich prezentacji przygotowujemy sporo. Można by rzec, że […]

Save your next talk by avoiding the 5 common presentation mistakes professionals make when they present.   For the past years we’ve flown all over the world to bring Prezentology methodology to companies via our presentation an public speaking trainings. We assumed every company would have its own set of problems. After delivering trainings in many […]

4 keys to present to managers and persuade towards your goal “let me skip this slide”, “do not look here”, “this part is not that important”… do you recognize that? Well, this happens during presentations more often than we think and it is done even unconsciously. How can you persuade if you are not sure […]

Why most of presentation and communication trainings are not effective? The key to effective presentations trainings Traditional presentation and communication trainings as can feel dull and unengaging, making the topic less interesting and many times leading to little or no knowledge transfer, even if the subject was covered and the information was delivered. The same […]

  With this free tool you will persuade your audience and make your presentations effective Just imagine the productivity gain in your organization that is possible by reducing the number of poorly done presentations. Ineffective presentations to decision makers can waste tens of thousands of euros a year due to the extra time that must […]

The secret of designing effective slides There is a huge difference between design and great design. What is the secret of designing effective slides? Well, presentation design is usually underestimated. At Prezentology, we receive many presentations and all of them are very poorly designed (not to say dreadfully designed). It is normal, people do not have time […]